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Welcome to Jennie Creates. Here you will find short stories of raising boys, running races, writing novels, and bits about refining our faith and living in the South. There is an occasional book review or recipe. If you like photography and pets, we're golden.

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TBT April 2013: When I took charge of my own hair

It’s gotten worse over the years, the Miller Men dominance over my hair. It started when Jeremy was a toddler, when he insisted I not wear a ponytail but instead, “wear it down.” I always did as he asked because it was adorable to have a two-year-old consult me on my hairstyle, but…

the rings

My first wedding – eek!

I perused Craigslist the other day (I know, that’s risky, but…) looking for “creative gigs” and came upon a post…

The Heights

Book Review: The Heights

The Heights caught my attention primarily for its cover. One cannot underestimate the power of a beautiful book cover! Other than author familiarity,…