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Welcome to Jennie Creates. Here you will find short stories of raising boys, running races, writing novels, and bits about refining our faith and living in the South. There is an occasional book review or recipe. If you like photography and pets, we're golden.

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TBT Glamour Shots

Throwback to Glamour Shots

I was a senior in high school and one of Chuck’s sister’s friends ran the Glamour Shots studio in town. She was in need of a model so I agreed to do it. You have to know that I was anything but a model in high school. I didn’t wear…

Sickly Major

Our sick puppy

We noticed Major was acting strangely Monday morning. He was lethargic and not eating, two qualities that are inconsistent with his…


A love letter to my husband

Dearest, You were already a long-suffering, understanding husband and now your wife wants to be fiction writer. God bless you. You’ve…