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Welcome to Jennie Creates. Here you will find short stories of raising boys, running races, writing novels, and bits about refining our faith and living in the South. There is an occasional book review or recipe. If you like photography and pets, we're golden.

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the husband's secret

Book Review: The Husband’s Secret

Holy moly. I read The Husband’s Secret in three days. It would’ve been one day had I no children or a coonhound who wants to play RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY all the time. I’ve not read any of Liane Moriarty’s work before, but now I’m turned on to her. The narrative flits back and…

white and pink

Hey Spring Break

My sinuses hate everything about right now, but the scenery is gorgeous. The boys are working double time on their…

Jack in Jacksonville

Diagnosis: ADHD and ASD

If you know us in real life, you know that our youngest son, Jackson, is a unique fella. He’s happy,…