Doves on Christmas trees

The rain is not helping

I’m trying hard to unearth some Christmas spirit, but so far it hasn’t arrived. Thanksgiving came and went without Tami, which is still very strange and hard to understand. Dare I say it still doesn’t feel real? I thought that it would feel real when the holidays came around but I cooked all day with …

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JEM_4964 low res

Photographer to the rescue

A handful of folks contacted me recently saying they needed a photo for their Christmas card STAT! Either another photo didn’t pan out or nothing from their cell phone’s photo album would work. Sure thing, I said. Name the place and time. This last one was a real treat since it was a referral. (Referrals are the BEST, …

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Big Magic cover

Book Review: Big Magic

I finished reading my fiftieth book of the year last night and it was a good one. In the most fitting and providential way, Big Magic came around at the same time as NaNoWriMo and it has served as my everyday source of nugget-sized encouragement to keep writing throughout the month. (I’m at 37,000+ words right now.) Elizabeth Gilbert …

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