Jennie Creates

So here is the official link to the official new website: Jennie Creates

Save it in your favorites, as this Xanga site will no longer be updated with new content. I’ll slowly start shutting this thing down, though we all know nothing ever fully goes away on the internet. I’ve had it for six years, so there’s content on here I hate to delete. Enjoy the “archive” for now.

There is only a small fraction of content that is public here. If you’d like to read/view previous posts, even as far back as 2005, please email me and we’ll set you up with a login.


The Beginning of Something

There I go again, right? A new blog, a new site to save on your favorites and remember to check. You can do it, Mom. I know you can. In short, I decided it was time to fork over the cash and buy my own little cubby hole on the internet, to have a place that’s securely and solely mine.

The rules are the same. Updates on the boys, photos of their adorable faces, and the usual glimpses into our life here in Texas. Things seem to be ever-changing, and for this new phase of life, I was ready for a new space.

So here you are. Welcome to Jennie Creates.

New Site Coming

As I forewarned in a previous post, I’m changing blog sites. I took a big leap and purchased my own domain name and am in the process of building a site. I know, I know. MORE CHANGE. But I’ve longed to have my own little corner of the internet and when I realized the name I wanted was available, I thought – well heck! Might as well! There are programs and features on the Mac that help me through this process, but it’s slow going. Hang in there, and I’ll post all the info soon.