On the subject of Godparents

Confused by the term “godfather,” in relation to Sirius Black and Harry Potter, Jeremy asked me what exactly a Godfather is.

“If both of your parents die and you’re still a kid, then you go live with your Godparents,” I explained.

“But Harry lived with Uncle Vernon and…”

“I know,” I said, cutting him off. “Harry should’ve gone to live with Sirius though.”

And while we’re on the subject…

“Do you know who your Godparents are? Where you will go if me and Dad die?” I asked Jeremy.

“No,” he answered.

“You and Jack would live in Chicago with Aunt Becky and Uncle Jeff.”

“WAHOOOOO!” He yelled, beaming with excitement. “Then I could play with Jacob and Owen EVERYDAY!”

Well, as long as we’ve established that you’d be happy…