DIY Christmas – Day 4

1. My Secret Santa at work left me a 10-piece frame set as a gift last week, so I immediately began brainstorming ways I could use them as Christmas decor. I simply sat down with Photoshop, typed out “Good Tidings of Great Joy” and put each sheet in its own frame. Then I used green damask patterned wrapping paper I already had to fill the others. I also used silver paper to wrap the books that were already sitting on these shelves. Total cost: Free

2. Classic paper chain garland with the same vintage holiday paper I used for the bunting on DIY Christmas Day 2. Total cost: $3.99 (repeat price)

3. I purchased a half-yard of burgundy taffeta from the discount bin at Hobby Lobby for a quick covering on the sideboard. Total cost: $1.34

4. Finally using the holiday serving dish my Uncle Chuck and Aunt Carole gave us for our wedding TEN YEARS AGO, I filled the glass holly-engraved pedestal piece with a small strand of lights and a few traditional ornaments I bought on the dollar aisle at Target. Total cost: $2.99 ($1.99 for the lights, $1 for the ornaments)

5. Two Advent calendars – one with chocolate, one without – were gifted to us. Total cost: Free

On my list of supplies yet to be man-handled are pine cones (thanks Holly & Todd!) and green felt I’m determined to craft into mistletoe. There are Cinnamon stick snowflakes to be finished as well. This whole “Making Christmas from Scratch” isn’t turning out to be half bad.