What’s next?

I spent most of yesterday wandering around the house fighting a small bout of anxiety. Our home is clean (of course it’s clean), organized (except for the storage room) and thoughtfully unpacked and decorated with only our favorite personal items (the rest have been chunked). The laundry is caught up and all dresser drawers have been cleaned out of items that don’t fit. The boys’ toys have been downsized to only the things they actually touch on a regular basis. The book is nearly complete, as Jim and I will do final edits this week and I’ll upload to the printer next week. It won’t be long until it’s entirely out of my hands.

All of this is to ask: What’s next? Suddenly, life feels very slow and calm after a year of uncertainty and chaos. And for whatever reason, it scares me.

Today I resolved not to wander aimlessly around the house and instead took Jack out to lunch in downtown Knoxville. We went to the Mast General Store and checked out a few other local shops. Using a real map (no GPS, no fancy app on my phone), I drove around the city looking for museums, points of interest and Neyland Stadium. It’s a beautiful day in east Tennessee and my mood was lifted from the sweet reminder of where we live now.

Eventually the newness will wear off and I’ll really need to nail down what comes next – professionally and/or creatively. I’ve prayed for God to make known my next step, but so far, on His end, things have been quiet.

Maybe that’s His point.

It will be just the boys and me for Easter weekend, so I have plans for the Knoxville Zoo and our own egg hunt in the backyard. The weather should be lovely, so perhaps we’ll take a romp in the woods on Sunday for our own version of an Easter service.