Monthly Archives: August 2011

Scientific Art

I totally snagged this idea from Pinterest, but it is a perfect fit into our Solid, Liquid and Gas unit study while being an art project at the same time. Double duty! We began by putting a container of old crayons in rainbow order. (The boys each picked out a new box of crayons for school so these have been… Read more →

I call No Fair

On August 7, I was casually perusing Twitter when I noticed a tweet from a gluten-free blogger whom I follow (glutenfreegirl). She mentioned a woman named JennieĀ and something about sending her support and love. Naturally, I was curious about the woman based on her name but I also wondered what spurred the tweet. I clicked on the link to the… Read more →

The Best Shade of Orange

It’s that time of year – almost. We’re a week and a half away from the start of Tennessee football, so it was time to show our support. I’ve waited all year to spend autumn in east Tennessee – for the foliage, for the festivals and for football. We’re working on scoring tickets without having to sell one of the… Read more →