I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! We sure did, and our tight pants can prove it.

We had Thanksgiving with the Millers this year (minus Tami and Hayli, plus a couple more) and I was happy to cook my little heart out. The Maple Bacon-Wrapped Turkey never gets old.

On display for dinner were the boys’ thankfulness posters, and since some of them are hard to see, I’ll list for you each of the things for which Jeremy and Jackson are grateful.

Jeremy is thankful for:
1. Daddy, who throws the football with him
2. Trees, to provide us oxygen
3. Rain, which makes Tennessee beautiful
4. Veterans, who protected our country
5. Ribs, which protect our lungs so we can breathe
6. Our house, which has a playground in the back
7. Grandma and Grandpa, just for existing
8. Green Bay beat the Vikings (random, I know)
9. Thanksgiving dinner, which is delicious
10. Mom, for no specific reason
11. Jackson, who plays with him

Jackson is thankful for:
1. Jeremy, who is a great big brother
2. Star Wars video game, for obvious reasons
3. Phineas and Ferb, who are his best friends
4. Orisinal, his favorite computer game
5. Salem, the most awesome cat
6. Mary Alison, his cousin and favorite babysitter
7. Friends, who are scattered around the country
8. Curious George, who is a funny monkey
9. Tom Jr., who joined us for Thanksgiving
10. Mom and Dad, who are the best in the world

So there you have it. I have two thankful boys who I am very thankful for.

Bring on the Christmas!