Gah… Zzzz

Can we just spend the day in our pajamas, please? Motivation never showed up this morning (neither did Focus or Creativity), so I’m basically running on fumes. The boys are making a modest effort to do their school work but I foresee a mutiny. I probably won’t resist it.

For whatever reason my energy level is swinging on fairly large pendulum. One day I’m running eight miles and reorganizing my closet, and the next day I’m taking a three-hour nap and not brushing my hair afterward. I’m either all in or all out. Today is one of those days when I’m struggling to form complete sentences.

Anyway, with a five-mile run on the schedule, I’d better get with it. Did I tell you I’ve signed up for March race? Yep. I’ve got about two months to prepare and pray there isn’t a Deep South Freeze on race weekend. Wouldn’t you just know it…

Speaking of freeze, the weather man is saying we’re in for a cold wet night, which might translate to ice and sleet in the early morning. I might get that PJ Day after all.

Can I just say – this video is so lovely it’s left me feeling guilty for reading books on my iPad.