Crown vs. Root Canal

Another way of putting it would be:  Peel your skin off in sections or lay on a row of ice picks?

Golly, that’s a tough one!

When the dentist gave me these two options, I laughed.

“It’s my choice?” I clarify.

“Well, yes, essentially. We can put a crown on and hopefully the nerve will be in tact. It may not be, and if it isn’t you’ll need a root canal,” he explains. “Or I can refer you to an endodontist and he can decide whether or not you need a root canal. He may want you to get a crown first.”

“Well isn’t that perfect,” I huff. “Sorry for the attitude. It isn’t personal.”

“It’s okay,” he says. “I’m used to it.”

We sat there staring at each other for a minute while I decided which level of torture I preferred.

“I suppose I’ll do the crown.”

“Sounds good,” he says.

“What hurts the most about a crown?” I ask.

“The shot,” he answers. “But if you drink a glass of wine before coming here that will help.”

“Sounds good.”