Miles Schmiles

Race training is moving right along. Last weekend I ran 10 miles in an hour and a half and didn’t feel the teensiest bit of pain or soreness afterward. (Did I do it right?) It’s come as a surprise to me since I haven’t run a race since the Dallas Half Marathon in March 2010 or made any sort of stride towards long-distance running since then. It seems like forever ago. Chuck says I need to call 2011 my “Transition Year,” but I’m all, “Transition to what? Running to not running?” Yes, we moved. Yes, we had a crap ton of things to deal with. No, those aren’t good enough reasons for me.

Last fall I realized that part of my poor attitude was directly related to not having a single goal for myself. Read: I wasn’t training for a race. I’m always happier when I’m training for race because I have a mandatory stress reliever. My brain is significantly less foggy after a long, sweaty run. Isn’t yours?

We’ll be in Atlanta mid-March to capture my eighth half marathon medal (ninth medal overall). If training continues to go this well, then I stand a chance of earning a personal record for a finish time. And if that happens, then I just might consider running another full marathon this fall.

And if that happens, then maybe I’ll become a regular marathoner instead of an occasional one.

And if that happens, then… well let’s just wait and see.