Warm enough for bare feet

Yesterday was remarkably beautiful. The boys chose to play outside while I sat on the porch to read. It was warm enough for bare feet and a war between cowboys and indians.

I’m nearly done with The Hunger Games and not fully committed to finishing the trilogy. The book is… okay. It’s been a quick read and all, but I’m not hooked. In fact, I keep getting distracted by wondering if I should just scrap it all and start Fall of Giants. Y’all know I love me some Ken Follett.

Happy Weekend!

3 thoughts on “Warm enough for bare feet

  1. I personally liked Fall of Giants way more than The Hunger Games, but I will finish the series (currently on book 2). I’m just bummed we have to wait until September for the next book in Follett’s trilogy!!! So, basically any other book is like killing time until then, ha!

    • Ken Follett is a wonderful writer, far better than anyone else I’ve read (minus Philippa Gregory, maybe). I’m just waiting for Fall of Giants to be a little cheaper, though I probably won’t wait much longer!

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