The Pretty Princess

Between Susan, Lesli and me, we have four children: Jeremy, Jackson, Henry and one girl, Avery. Because I am surrounded by weapons, dirt and bodily noises, I was overjoyed to sleep in Avery’s princess-themed bedroom, to play with her dollhouse and rummage through her closet. So much pink! So many sparkles! When Lesli arrived, she joined in with matched enthusiasm.

Avery is a happy and imaginative four year old. She is full of charming stories of far away places, rocking baby dolls to sleep and friendships between unicorns and dragons. Everything is cheerful and glittery.

In my world unicorns and dragons slay each other, far away places mean deadly galactic wars, and there has never once been a baby doll in this house. Camouflage is a primary color.

Being around a little girl even for a day was absolutely delightful.

I love this photo because I’ve seen this exact expression on Susan’s face.

Oh, the energy…