Where the love is

There I was, putting away the Frosted Mini Wheats while Jeremy ate his vanilla yogurt, when he announced, “I think I’m gonna get a girl when I’m 16.”

“What?” I asked, turning his way.

“That’s when I’m gonna get a girl, just like you and dad when you were 16,” he said.

Get a girl? You might not want to say it like that. You sound like you’re gonna catch her in a net or something,” I teased.

“Yeah, I will,” he perked up. “I’ll catch her love.”

“Well that sounds nice. You can take her to dinner and get to know her,” I said.

Jeremy took another bite of his yogurt, then said, “I think the heart of the heart is where the love is.”

“The heart of your heart?” I repeated.

“Yeah, that’s where the love comes from,” he snickered. “I just made that up.”

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