I heart Mad Men

So we jumped on the bandwagon a couple of months ago and started watching Mad Men.  At first I wasn’t sure I could swing it, especially at the end of the first episode and you realize Don Draper isn’t exactly who you thought he was. Still, we carried on with each episode appreciating the clever humor, outstanding set and costume design and the uniqueness of the story.

I must say that every time I hear a man call a woman “Sweetheart” I want to punch him in the mouth. In fact, like a pendulum, I go back and forth between wanting Don Draper to succeed to wishing he’d get a swift kick in the pants (in the front of his pants, to be exact). Nearly every episode leaves me feeling schizophrenic, either loving the characters like they were real or thinking they’ve all lost their minds.

Except for Peggy. I adore Peggy.

Anyway, you can’t watch the show without being influenced by its composition. For the first three seasons I think I oohed and awed over Betty Draper’s entire closet. (Chuck was busy eyeballing the decanter sets.) Last night, I lost time on AMC’s website, specifically on the Mad Men Yourself page, creating my Sterling Cooper avatar.

Yes, I know how nerdy that sounds.

We’re finally on to Season 5, so no spoilers please.

Say something.

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