How you know you’re buying a house

We’ve been to Home Depot more times in the last month than we’ve been in probably five years. This not only tells you that our last house (in Amarillo) was mostly new and needed no repairs or updating, but it also shows that the house we’re closing on tomorrow is in dire need of attention.

See the hundred bills floating away? Those came from our wallets.

Anyway, the final inspection was this afternoon and it went well… I guess. For the first time in this adventure I felt truly overwhelmed at the workload ahead of us. It’s funny how ambitious you feel when it’s all talk and well-rested. I felt so tired when we finished, and we haven’t even really begun. Tomorrow night we’ll begin cleaning the house that hasn’t been inhabited in more than eight months, where the upkeep has been minimal. I lost track of counting the spider webs and there are more marks and nicks in the walls than I remember.

I won’t even mention the heating and air conditioning issue. Even though it was 95 degrees today.

This is exhaustion talking. In a few days we’ll be off the grid for the actual move and then we’ll all be comatose from all the manual labor. Someone bring the wine, okay?