Jeremy’s 10th Birthday Round-Up



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I’ll start by confessing that I bought this child ten gifts. It sounds more expensive than it actually was considering that seven of the ten gifts were under five dollars each. Jeremy was overwhelmed by both the quantity and quality of his birthday presents, which meant he was smiling ALL DAY.

We made sure to tell him that he will not receive eleven presents next year.

To make the gift-giving event special, we sent him on a seek-and-find throughout the house and yard. Jackson was his little shadow and showed true happiness for his big brother as each gift was opened. They were a sweet pair.

Chuck and I ended the evening by taking Jeremy to Red Lobster for the Endless Shrimp deal. Knowing he can throw down serious amounts of shrimp, it seemed like the best plan. Jeremy was stuffed to the gills by the end of dinner. Happiness abounds.

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The last gift is better presented through video.

dinner at Red Lobster copy

Overall, I think Jeremy had a fantastic birthday. He even looked a little older to me this morning.