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May We Be Forgiven

This is perhaps the most unusual book I’ve read in a while. I’ve tried to nail down a better adjective, but unusual always comes back around – unusual and unique. I bought the… Continue reading

The Lantern and my favorite banned book

There were two things on my To See list in Washington. The first was the Library of Congress and the second was The Lantern, a small shop for used and rare books. It’s run… Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: My mom in the 60s

First, a story. When I was in college (late 90s), I decided to come home for the weekend on a whim. I didn’t tell my parents beforehand (no cell phone, of course) but… Continue reading

Gallery, Natural History, and the White House

Our second day of sight-seeing took us to the usual suspects. I was surprised and pleased that the boys enjoyed the National Gallery, even after Jeremy announced, “These people need more clothes on.”… Continue reading

Library, Air and Space, Archives

Yep, the Library photos are my faves. Will someone please paint my ceiling like this? (Click on the photos for a larger view.) The untouchables: Most amazing view from the second floor of… Continue reading

The Library and Me

We got home from Washington D.C. late last night, so today we are zombies climbing mounds of laundry. Seven days of visiting with family and friends, sight-seeing on foot, and celebrating nuptials will do that… Continue reading

TBT: A Salute – Re-blogging from 2012

On account of the date and it being Thursday, I felt it only appropriate to re-blog a post I wrote on August 28, 2012. I got home late last night from Girls Weekend… Continue reading

Fantasy Photo Session

Fortunately for me, I know a fantastic dancer who’s gorgeous and has lots of great costumes. She let me play around the other night and I’m SO GRATEFUL because it was a ton… Continue reading

My ten most influential books

I was tagged by our cousin, Annette, to list the ten books that have had the greatest influence on me or have presented me with some sort of challenge. To use her words,… Continue reading

Eleven today

Happiest 11th Birthday to my sweet first born! Jeremy, we love you like crazy. We’re so proud of you for your ambition, commitment, and kindness. We love your curious spirit and oversized heart.… Continue reading

A story from the other writer

Y’all, we have another writer in the house. I didn’t edit his story, but I did format it properly. Jackson has been really into writing over the summer and lately he’s been begging me to type… Continue reading

TBT + Jeremy’s new bedroom

My pre-teen, which he insists on being called, turns 11 on Monday, so the Throwback Thursday photo is in honor of birthdays gone by, specifically from 2010: Part of his gift this year… Continue reading

This week’s anatomy lesson

While Jackson takes his swim lesson, Jeremy and I hang out in the lobby of the swimming pool area of the gym and chat. Our conversation topics are widespread – from Star Wars… Continue reading

School update and a book review

We’ve begun our second week of school and if the boys keep at this pace we’ll be finished by March. Not really, but they are zooming through the first few units of math. Things… Continue reading

TBT: Lil’ Vader

Jeremy requested a Star Wars-themed party for his fourth birthday, which was back when we actually had real birthday parties. (We’ve since changed our minds about having birthday parties.) It was a great… Continue reading

Making amends with George Lucas

A few weeks ago I wrote about our disappointing response from LucasFilms on account of Jeremy’s fan letter. (Link here.) On account of one sentence mentioning a story idea title, Jeremy’s fan letter… Continue reading

First Day of School

The day started with pancakes and avoidance. After a modest amount of pouting, I showed the boys their curriculum and we got to work. Major and Salem joined us, per usual. Attitudes were… Continue reading

Spicy Roasted Carrots

Super easy, super delicious. Grab a bag of whole carrots. Wash them and cut off their crusty ends. Chop them into sturdy sticks.  Toss with olive oil, salt and pepper, red pepper flakes,… Continue reading

TBT: January 2007

Just look at these two. Jeremy was three and Jackson was seven months. There are many things I miss about that that time – the sweetness, the discovery, the giggles. I even miss cloth… Continue reading

“But everyone has one.”

We’ve hit Round Two of the parenting game called “But everyone has one,” when Jeremy reminds me of all the hand-held devices his peers have and how he doesn’t have anything. And then I remind… Continue reading

Headaches, bathroom breaks, and reading for pleasure

I would love to tell you this weekend was positively perfect since I finished my genre paper a day early and therefore started my week-long school break Friday afternoon, but I am going… Continue reading

TBT: Meeting Jackson

This was our first time meeting and holding Jackson. He was one day old and prior to this moment we had only been able to look at him through the nursery window. It was… Continue reading