Signs of Life Day Twenty-Seven

Signs of Life Day Twenty-Seven

It was a crap-tastic day, the Mondayist Monday ever. I could be a real live Superwoman, what with all my super-powered self-restraint. I am amazingly restrained. This evening I collapsed on the couch in the den with Chuck so we could swap our bad day stories. We […]

Does this look like a Hampton Inn to you?

Does this look like a Hampton Inn to you?

Because it’s a Hampton. Weird, huh? But beautiful, and it was our last stop on the way home from our family vacation. We frequent Hampton Inns because of Chuck’s hotel points, but this was unlike any chain hotel I’d ever stayed. Originally the Col Alto […]

Must Paint

I think this is pretty typical of creatives, so I know I’m not alone in my absurdities. There are times, which feel mostly random, when I cannot function with any sort of productivity because I’m distracted by the urge to make something. My left brain halts […]

Savannah and Jesup

If you’re at all familiar with south Georgia, you’re probably wondering why we added Jesup to our vacation. It’s an old railroad town, a blip on the map between Atlanta and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s surrounded by timber companies, peanut farms, and peach stands on […]

Home Improvements

We’ve spent the last few weeks tending to home improvements — Strike that. Chuck has been doing a lot of home improvements lately and I’m having a great time seeing the results.  He built an entire headboard/shelving unit for our bedroom and installed two screen […]

Maternity shoot in the woods

Meet Jenni, my hair colorist. She is the charming young woman who keeps the gray away and happens to be in the third trimester of her first pregnancy. She is already beautiful, so this shoot was a snap. As soon as her daughter makes her […]

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