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Three days in Santa Fe

When I said I was going to Amarillo, that wasn’t a lie. I flew into Amarillo on Wednesday and left Amarillo on Sunday, but in between Wednesday and Sunday, Michele and I were… Continue reading

Amarillo Bound

I gotta say – I never thought I’d go back to the Texas Panhandle, much less to celebrate my birthday. When we packed up our things in March 2011 and headed east, I… Continue reading

Room 1519

If we’re friends on Facebook, then you know we were all sorts of crazy over being upgraded to the Presidential Suite at the W Hotel in Atlanta Saturday night. The pictures are amazing,… Continue reading

Weekend Recovery

T’was an amazing weekend in Atlanta with my BFF for her Bachelorette Party. Many thanks to the W Hotel who over-booked our standard corner room and had no choice but to upgrade us to… Continue reading

Sherrod family photo shoot

Last week I drove to Lake Junaluska to take photos of one of my favorite families. Jimmy was ordained in the United Methodist Church and, though I didn’t go to the ceremony, I… Continue reading

I am a Military Brat.

This isn’t the post I intended for today, but I read this affirmation several times yesterday (obviously posted in honor of Memorial Day) and finally decided just to share it. I don’t know who… Continue reading

This week gets a big WTF.

Just when I said it was too much, there ended up being more. I learned yesterday that Karin’s mother passed away from a horrific car accident, another life taken swiftly, without warning. That makes… Continue reading

The Power of Empathy

Yesterday was too much. In a span of an hour, we learned about two tragedies affecting two families from my high school. Four lives have been lost and countless others are changed forever… Continue reading

Some Friends are Family

My house and heart were full this weekend. Corey, Gwen and Alex came to visit. There was good food, good company, and good conversation. We made another deposit in what has turned out… Continue reading

Girls Weekend with Avery and Catherine

Susan hosts Girls Weekend in the spring,  so this weekend I had the opportunity to take pictures of Avery, something I’ve not done since 2012. Susan also got to meet Catherine, who’s now… Continue reading

Weekend Recovery

I’m off my routine and fumbling. I can’t blame the holidays anymore but I do blame back-to-back weekends of travel and sleep deprivation. All of our fun has been super fun, but recovering… Continue reading

City people in the mountains

On my sister’s last day in Tennessee, we took the Chicagoans to Gatlinburg, taking the scenic route through the national park. I don’t love Gatlinburg, but I love the drive to get there.

Pictures from Christmas 2013

Wow, y’all. I’m pooped! This has been a fantastic year all around and it is definitely ending on a high note. This time last year, I had a bad case of the flu,… Continue reading

Christmas 2013

It’s been the most lovely week. There is much to say, but little energy to say it, so I’ll just post a family photo and catch you up on everything next week. I… Continue reading

Yay baby!

So yesterday I had the most awesome privilege of seeing brand new life appear on earth. Lesli and Jimmy, parents of Henry, had their second child, a precious little jewel named Catherine. I… Continue reading

Ever Thankful

When we go to Chattanooga, we squeeze in every moment we can with friends and family. It used to be our home, so not only is the city nostalgic, it’s also home to… Continue reading

Meeting Liz Gilbert

I know I said my presence online would be minimum this month, but y’all, let me tell you. This blog post is worth it. It was Girls Weekend, so Lesli, Susan, and I… Continue reading

The Marvelous Mumford and Sons… Again

I squealed like a teenage girl. It was fantastic. The whole process of getting tickets to a Mumford concert is complicated. You have to apply to be considered to purchase tickets. I’d been… Continue reading

The Patio Party that wasn’t.

Despite our five-month-long effort to prepare the backyard for a big bash celebrating my father-in-law’s 70th birthday, we spent the entire evening inside on account of rain. Of course it rained! Yet, there… Continue reading

Weekend: Ready, Set, Go

In short: – Girls Weekend starts tonight! Hurray! Since Lesli moved back to Tennessee, traveling for GW has lessened significantly. I will drive all of 30 minutes to get to her house, which is… Continue reading

Party Day Trip

We scooted down to Chattanooga on Saturday for Grace and Jake’s  birthday party. These children belong to some of our favorite people, so not only did the kids get to play together but… Continue reading

Canoeing, Fireworks, and Salem

But not all at once. Our week with Jacob ended with a rainy Fourth of July Hurry-Up-and-Light-the-Sparklers extravaganza. The weather was dreadfully wet, but we managed to squeak out a quickie-canoe trip on… Continue reading