friends and family

because, really, there is no difference between the two


Empathy is feeling with people.

Today brings a reminder of last year, when five deaths occurred in one week – four among my GPS community and one a little closer. It was an awful, awful week, yet I’m standing on the periphery saying that. There is absolutely no way I can connect a single dot to understand what these families suffered, nor what they are still suffering… Read more →

Ryan Bingham

Friends and Ryan Bingham

We ran off to Chattanooga this weekend for a much-needed refueling via long-distance friends. The kids played, we played. Everyone was exhausted by the time we got home yesterday afternoon. As usual, being in Chattanooga was hugely nostalgic. In between the frivolity was a funeral on Monday for Corey’s grandmother, the sweet woman who let me sleep over on a weekly basis when… Read more →

Marriage cross stitch

A Brief Escape

I’ve been melancholy lately, so on a bit of a whim I took the boys to visit my grandmother in West Virginia this past weekend. It was a quiet couple of days and I was happy not to share her attention with other family members, which is usually the case when we gather with her around holidays. This visit was… Read more →