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Doves on Christmas trees

Doves on Christmas Trees

Yesterday’s¬†Instagram photo yielded a few questions about placing doves on Christmas trees to remember loved ones, so I thought I’d add some history to it. It’s a tradition that started with Brenda, my mother-in-law, when she put four doves on her Christmas tree each year to remember her parents and Bill’s parents. Then, when Brenda passed away in 2010, Bill… Read more →

Treadway Przylucki Miller family photo

Thanksgiving Family Photo 2014

Years ago my sister and I settled into a holiday rotation for hosting and being together so both sides of our families get equal shares of each other. We’re together for Thanksgiving one year and Christmas the next and vice versa. This year we met at my sister’s house for Thanksgiving, including my parents and Mamaw. Per usual, the week… Read more →