Throwback to Recess in 2012


Last night, as the boys and I said goodnight to one another, Jackson asked if he could wear his Star-Lord costume to co-op. It’s the last day, he said. It would be so cool. I really, really wanted to say yes. I nearly did. But logistically, especially for P.E. class, it doesn’t make sense. Instead, […]

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Backstage at the Orange and White Game

Two brace faces on the field

A few weeks ago, an opportunity was presented to us for Jackson to meet the University of Tennessee, Knoxville statisticians – the guys who keep track of every yard, every punt, every point for the home football games – a career possibility that Chuck and I have encouraged for Jackson. He’s an excellent math student […]

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“Sometimes my brain turns sideways.”

Typical homeschool day

For several weeks, maybe even more than a month, Jackson has been asking me the same curious question: “Mom, do you think I’m an alien?” “No,” I reply. “I don’t think you’re alien.” “Are you sure?” The first few times he asked me this I shrugged it off as playful. He’s a unique guy, so […]

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Our Basketball Star


Jackson is playing Upward Basketball this season. Not only is his team doing very well and he’s enjoying himself, but he’s done a great job handling the wide range of emotions involved with playing team sports. So far, so good. (He’s the kiddo in the dark red shoes in the foreground.) Competition is hard for […]

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January Wrap-Up of Busyness

January Sunset

For those who follow this blog for family updates, my apologies. The boys still exist. They are doing well. We all are. In the interest of brevity, here’s a rundown of things you might be interested to know: We started our second semester with the new homeschool co-op and we still love it. The boys […]

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