My second-born, never short on affection, a big athlete in a little body and a snaggletooth for years to come

Hugging Josh Dobbs

The Day Josh Dobbs hugged Jackson

The forecast for the Tennessee Vols Orange and White Game was not good. On Friday evening, my Weather Channel app showed 100 percent change of rain and thunderstorms. Chuck announced that he would not endure a¬†thunderstorm, and Saturday morning, Jeremy announced the same thing. Jackson and I looked at each other during breakfast and decided we would risk it. With… Read more →

A walk through Charleston

To Charleston and Back

Since Jeremy went to¬†Disney World, we decided to take Jackson on a mini-trip to Charleston so he could have a memorable spring break too. Not knowing what to expect, he reveled in being the only child for a few days and staying in a hotel. He kept his fingers crossed that we’d visit books stores and the Charleston library. (We… Read more →

Jack in Jacksonville

Diagnosis: ADHD and ASD

If you know us in real life, you know that our youngest son, Jackson, is a unique fella. He’s happy, giggly, and thinks the best of everyone. He’s sharp, affectionate, and a ferocious reader. In his dreams, he is a superhero. He’s also in a world of his own, so much that Chuck and I decided that we needed some… Read more →