My second-born, never short on affection, a big athlete in a little body and a snaggletooth for years to come

Jack in Jacksonville

Diagnosis: ADHD and ASD

If you know us in real life, you know that our youngest son, Jackson, is a unique fella. He’s happy, giggly, and thinks the best of everyone. He’s sharp, affectionate, and a ferocious reader. In his dreams, he is a superhero. He’s also in a world of his own, so much that Chuck and I decided that we needed some… Read more →

Video: Jack and I interview each other

I really hope we’re raising a film maker because his interest in television and movies isn’t waning one bit. Jackson’s interest goes far beyond the zombie-like state of zoning out in front of a screen. He memorizes actor and director names, recognizes production companies, and studies action scenes like there’s going to be a quiz. We’ve been very clear about… Read more →