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A story from the other writer

Y’all, we have another writer in the house. I didn’t edit his story, but I did format it properly. Jackson has been really into writing over the summer and lately he’s been begging me to type… Continue reading

Video: Jack and I interview each other

I really hope we’re raising a film maker because his interest in television and movies isn’t waning one bit. Jackson’s interest goes far beyond the zombie-like state of zoning out in front of… Continue reading

Jackson’s loot and totally awesome cupcakes

Jackson’s birthDAY ended up spreading out to a week-long celebration on account of cards and packages arriving on Thursday and Friday. There’s still another package on its way (he spent a Barnes &… Continue reading

Jackson is eight!

Here he is on the last night of being seven. This child has talked about his birthday every day, nearly all day, for the last two weeks. If you’ve seen him in that… Continue reading

Jackson’s second movie: Iron Cat and Thicken

If he had his way, he’d make a new movie everyday. In fact, we’ve just signed Jackson up for drama camp. ♥ Enjoy!

Last batch from Jax

Because I need to move on with life, this will be the last batch of beach photos, and it’s going to be a small one. We drove down to Jacksonville for a few… Continue reading

Revenge of the Fox: A Jackson T. Miller Movie

For many months Jackson has been writing and directing movies in his bedroom. His stuffed animals are the actors and the plot always involves a myriad of superheroes and villans. (No surprise there.)… Continue reading

A new video, per Jackson’s request

We need something happy today, don’t we? Jeremy has been practicing archery more often than Jackson, and I’m proud to say he’s gotten quite good. He went outside with the bow and arrow… Continue reading

Call me Kitten

It went something like this. Jackson: What’s your nickname? Me: I don’t really have one. Jackson: But you call me Rabbit. Me: Cause you’re my little Jack Rabbit. I’ve always called you that.… Continue reading

Silent Videos from 2005 and 2006

My first digital camera was a Kodak EasyShare that took sketchy video with no audio. Chuck gave it to me for Mother’s Day in 2005. I loved it because it meant I could… Continue reading

Then and Now

It was 2008. Chuck was in the academy while the boys and I lived in a two-bedroom apartment awaiting the big move to Texas. Jackson was two, Jeremy was nearly five, and Hank,… Continue reading

My future grandchildren

Jackson: I’m gonna tell my wife that our kids’ names will be Clark and Peter. Me: What if she doesn’t like those names? Jackson: She will. Me: But what if she doesn’t? What… Continue reading

Mr. Monopoly

There’s been a ton of Monopoly played this week. We had our fourth round this morning. The game began at nine and finally ended at 12:45, but only because I martyred myself and… Continue reading

To Sell or Not to Sell

It’s hard to type this. It even feels a little wrong. But logic and economics tell me that it’s time to sell the children’s books. You know the ones – those pretty picture… Continue reading

The Same, but Different

Ten-year-old boy hormones. Yay, fun. We are now parenting two very different children. Some rules are the same for both: obey instructions, do your best, show respect, no backtalk, be kind. But the… Continue reading

Back to School

Now that Literary Theory is officially over (THANK THE SWEET LORD), I can put my entire brain back into homeschooling. That sounds bad, doesn’t it? Like I let the boys flounder while I… Continue reading

End of the Season Win

The boys are officially done with their Peewee and Grasshopper football seasons. I’m a bit relieved for scheduling purposes, but overall the season was a great deal of fun. Jeremy, in particular, loved… Continue reading

Jackson’s new recess

We bought Jackson a very basic bow set and he was instantly smitten. Keep your fingers crossed because I’m loving how this looks. Our official Archer:

The Archer

Several weeks ago Jackson told us that he doesn’t want to play football again next year. (This was not a surprise. He is far too imaginative and sociable to play a contact sport… Continue reading

Darn you, Chick-Fil-A

This does not help my homeschooling efforts: Obviously, Jackson got sidetracked during his math assignment yesterday. He recently obtained a little Chick-Fil-A cow (which he has wanted for, oh, five years) and the… Continue reading

First Day of School

We officially have a fourth and second grader, and since we can’t take pictures of them catching the bus or wearing new backpacks, these photos will have to do. They’ll also serve as… Continue reading

Proud Southern Mama, y’all

The boys started tackling in practice yesterday, so football is now officially a contact sport. I have a twinge of worry, but I’m ignoring it in favor of how sweet they look in… Continue reading