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My first-born, the most curious creature I’ve ever met, a comedian to the core, and possibly the best chef of the next generation

Head gear, here we come

I took the boys to the orthodontist this morning for a second evaluation. The first evaluation was in 2012 and resulted in instructions to have four or five teeth pulled from each boy. We decided to sit on it for a while and see if those teeth fell out on their own. Now, three years later, we have been cleared from teeth pulling… Read more →

Eleven today

Happiest 11th Birthday to my sweet first born! Jeremy, we love you like crazy. We’re so proud of you for your ambition, commitment, and kindness. We love your curious spirit and oversized heart. Congratulations on winning your first soccer game! We will always build LEGO sets with you. ♥ Read more →

TBT: Lil’ Vader

Jeremy requested a Star Wars-themed party for his fourth birthday, which was back when we actually had real birthday parties. (We’ve since changed our minds about having birthday parties.) It was a great day, if I recall, with an adorable little soccer game in the morning and playing with friends in the sprinkler all afternoon. All of Jeremy’s friends dressed… Read more →

Making amends with George Lucas

A few weeks ago I wrote about our disappointing response from LucasFilms on account of Jeremy’s fan letter. (Link here.) On account of one sentence mentioning a story idea title, Jeremy’s fan letter got funneled through the legal department and he was sent a letter in response explaining that LucasFilms doesn’t accept any unsolicited submissions. Which is fine, but Jeremy didn’t… Read more →

No more football

It was a hard conversation, but it was a necessary one. Jeremy is no longer able to play tackle football on account of the hearing loss he suffered in the last year. As many of you know, Jeremy was born with a hearing impairment in both ears and was aided at 10 months old. By Kindergarten, he was down to… Read more →

A new video, per Jackson’s request

We need something happy today, don’t we? Jeremy has been practicing archery more often than Jackson, and I’m proud to say he’s gotten quite good. He went outside with the bow and arrow every day last week. Jackson practices too, but he doesn’t have the upper body strength to loose the arrow with any sort of power. His heart is… Read more →

Silent Videos from 2005 and 2006

My first digital camera was a Kodak EasyShare that took sketchy video with no audio. Chuck gave it to me for Mother’s Day in 2005. I loved it because it meant I could take digital photos and video without developing film or hooking up the video camera to the television. It all seemed so convenient. Instant gratification and all. Then,… Read more →

Time to get serious.

There is much to do in a short amount of time. Stories and short films to be written, Zoology to finish, miles to run. Closets to go through, things to donate, bathrooms to deep clean.  The basement is embarrassingly untidy and I’m nearly ready to prep the garden for planting. (As soon as Old Man Winter takes a hike…) And… Read more →

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