Tag: Florida

Amelia Island

We spent the bulk of last week on Amelia Island, specifically Fernandina Beach. Essentially, it’s the first little beach you run into when you cross the Georgia/Florida state line on I-95. It’s a delightful little town with shops and restaurants, and when we were there, […]

Pirates and Alligators

While Chuck was busy with work stuff, the boys and I spent time with another homeschooling family who also tagged along on the trip to Florida. We took the kiddos to the Pirate & Treasure Museum one afternoon, and then we went on our own […]

The Beach and Crabs

We arrived in St. Augustine on Monday evening, just as the sun was starting to set. It had been a long day of driving. We were hungry and needed to check in to the hotel, but the boys had never seen the ocean and we […]

Vacation with School

We experienced the freedom of homeschooling this past week as we packed our books and tagged along with Chuck on a training trip to Florida. Prior to last Monday night, the boys had never seen the ocean or felt sand beneath their feet. Since homeschool […]

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