Amelia Island

We spent the bulk of last week on Amelia Island, specifically Fernandina Beach. Essentially, it’s the first little beach you run into when you cross the Georgia/Florida state line on I-95. It’s a delightful little town with shops and restaurants, and when we were there, it wasn’t crowded at all.

I know you just want to see the pictures, so I’ll hush.

Big ocean


Pirates and Alligators

While Chuck was busy with work stuff, the boys and I spent time with another homeschooling family who also tagged along on the trip to Florida. We took the kiddos to the Pirate & Treasure Museum one afternoon, and then we went on our own to the Alligator Farm. The boys were wildly excited about both.

Pictures weren’t allowed inside the Pirate museum (it was poor lighting anyway), but I did manage to snap a few. As part of the self-guided tour, visitors were encouraged to take part in a scavenger hunt. (The “pirates” in the glass boxes were creepy.)

The boys each got a small souvenir – Jeremy, a compass, and Jackson, a foam sword.

Jack spent the rest of the afternoon holding his sword in the attack position – even in the hotel elevator.

A couple of days later we went to the Alligator Farm, which boasts more than a century of caring for swamp creatures. The boys love, love, loved it. I endured it.

Was he hot, or did we look like lunch?

Jeremy ran right up to pet the baby gator. Jackson and I stood back and watched.

They look hungry.

And they were!

Since I toured the gator farm with the boys, I made them tour the St. Augustine Lighthouse – which was right across the street – with me.

Still more to come!

The Beach and Crabs

We arrived in St. Augustine on Monday evening, just as the sun was starting to set. It had been a long day of driving. We were hungry and needed to check in to the hotel, but the boys had never seen the ocean and we didn’t want them to wait another second.

Jeremy ran straight to the ocean. Jackson didn’t want to get eaten by crabs.

So Chuck carried him through the gate and tried to set him down on the beach that way.

It was really quite hilarious.

After major convincing and scouring the sand for little white crabs that weren’t there, Jackson finally put his feet on the ground. Jeremy wasted no time exploring and we stayed by the ocean as long as the sunlight would let us.

More to come.

Vacation with School

We experienced the freedom of homeschooling this past week as we packed our books and tagged along with Chuck on a training trip to Florida. Prior to last Monday night, the boys had never seen the ocean or felt sand beneath their feet. Since homeschool attendance has no limits on geographic location, we couldn’t resist.

Here are the boys doing some book work before heading to the Pirate and Treasure Museum in St. Augustine.

I have 300 photos to sort through, so check back later for many more. For now, I’ll leave you with the most awesome picture of two very happy boys and the Atlantic Ocean.