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12 going on 45

From his earliest years of talking, all the way to five minutes ago, Jeremy has been a curious, inquisitive, chatty kid. I cannot recall a single exchange between the two of us that ever resulted in contented silence. There is always a follow-up question, a petition, a clarification, an appeal. Sometimes I entertain them, sometimes I don’t. For example, when… Read more →

Behold the Tween

Every time we say 12, he corrects us with “tween.” I’m not sure how we got here, but here we are. He’s 12 going on 25. Happy Birthday to our first born, our philosopher and theologian, our soccer player and budding chef, our comedian and tender-hearted animal lover. Jeremy, your intuition is beyond your years, but something tells me it… Read more →

Female nudity and preteen boys

Oh yay. A documentary about early Native American history showed a quick image of young women with their babies and toddlers… and no one was wearing any clothes.  I wish I could’ve recorded the look on Jeremy’s and Jackson’s exasperated faces in complete panic as they spun around and shielded their eyes, as if I’d just shown them the bloody entrails of a… Read more →

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