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Thank You and Farewell

This farewell comes both early and late. Early, because we never intended to leave Texas after only two years, and late, because it’s been a long year of waiting for our house to sell and living in separate states as a means to make it all work. Finally, this season is over. In the last …

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Valium + Nitrous Oxide = Good

Let me just say this – I know now why people do drugs. I don’t do drugs, but I could be persuaded otherwise. Today was my follow-up visit to the dentist for two fillings. I took the Valium one hour prior to my visit as advised and immediately felt nothing. I also felt nothing 30 minutes later, …

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My Little Black Shadow

One of the most endearing things about Salem is that he likes to be with me all the time. ALL the time. Whatever room I’m in, so is he. If I move to another room, he follows. And I do mean every room. This is where he sits when I… well, you know. When I …

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