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A Second Snow

Yesterday afternoon, it didn’t look promising. The flakes weren’t sticking. There was a lot of wishing and hoping that better snow would fall. There was even late-night playing in mush, just in case that was all that happened. By Major’s bedtime, it finally showed up. We woke up to this. Thank goodness our neighbor was up for sledding at 8… Read more →

The One-Day Blizzard

Our friends in Amarillo are “enjoying” a snow day right now, which can be relaxing and pretty for about an hour, until you need to get somewhere and then it’s very inconvenient. Folks have been posting pictures and videos on Facebook all morning and I’m reminded so vividly of how unprepared we were for Texas Panhandle weather. When we moved to… Read more →

Winter, You’re On Notice

It’s not a ton of snow, but it’s enough to close schools and, in turn, leave thousands of happy, hyper children running laps around their living rooms. The boys slept in until 9 a.m., and when I finally went into their bedroom to announce the snow day, their screams immediately gave me a raging headache. Only creativity and patience will… Read more →

In Pictures

It snowed over the weekend, and from what I understand it’s supposed to snow tonight… Yeah, Salem and I are ready for spring. Can I get an amen? This was Saturday. By Sunday morning, all of that beautiful sunshine turned gray, so I threw the boys outside to play. When they couldn’t play outside, they were doing the usual. This… Read more →