A Second Snow

Yesterday afternoon, it didn’t look promising.


The flakes weren’t sticking.


There was a lot of wishing and hoping that better snow would fall.


There was even late-night playing in mush, just in case that was all that happened.


By Major’s bedtime, it finally showed up.


We woke up to this.



Thank goodness our neighbor was up for sledding at 8 a.m. He’s got a great driveway for it.


Jack's turn

I was a good mommy and let Major play too.

Sledding with Anthony


It’s a beautiful day for staying home.


Dog kisses

Winter in the Great Smoky Mountains


We drove through the national park yesterday to see what winter did to the mountains. Beauty! Icy! Cold!

Pictures are behind the cut. Enjoy.

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The One-Day Blizzard

Our friends in Amarillo are “enjoying” a snow day right now, which can be relaxing and pretty for about an hour, until you need to get somewhere and then it’s very inconvenient. Folks have been posting pictures and videos on Facebook all morning and I’m reminded so vividly of how unprepared we were for Texas Panhandle weather. When we moved to Amarillo in December 2008, we had no idea what to expect weather-wise. Our realtor gave us a heads-up about things like wind and potentially scary hail storms, but we had no idea about the fast and furious, but short-lived, snowstorms.

Two months after moving there, we got to experience our first one-day blizzard. Sure enough, it swept in quickly, dumped several feet of snow on everybody, and was gone the next morning. Coming from east Tennessee, where blizzards happen once every 20 years or so, we were super excited. Chuck and Jeremy wasted no time.

First Amarillo Blizzard

There was enough snow by  mid-morning to build an igloo in the front yard.the first igloo

Jack happened to be sick, so he and I watched the action from inside a warm house. I found this scene to be particularly amusing.

Then weather was back to 50 degrees and clear. Much of the snow melted by lunch time. If you’re going to have a blizzard, how nice it is to have it gone and out of the way by the next day!

MeltedBe safe and stay warm, Amarillo! Your resilience endures!

Winter, You’re On Notice

It’s not a ton of snow, but it’s enough to close schools and, in turn, leave thousands of happy, hyper children running laps around their living rooms. The boys slept in until 9 a.m., and when I finally went into their bedroom to announce the snow day, their screams immediately gave me a raging headache. Only creativity and patience will save me now.

This poor attitude isn’t helpful, I realize, but my complaints are valid and honest. We have endured a long trial and testing of wills. When I say I’m tired, I’m not talking about sleep. I feel exhausted in my bones.

With that, I’m really done with winter, which is not normally something you’d hear from me. I love snow and all of the excitement that comes with it, but in our current state of limbo, I’m tired of it all. I need peace, calm and drivable roads. So Winter, you’re now officially On Notice.

Spring, I’m laying out the red carpet to hasten your arrival.

In Pictures

It snowed over the weekend, and from what I understand it’s supposed to snow tonight…

Yeah, Salem and I are ready for spring. Can I get an amen? This was Saturday.

By Sunday morning, all of that beautiful sunshine turned gray, so I threw the boys outside to play.

When they couldn’t play outside, they were doing the usual.

This color sorting is Jackson’s habit of putting like things together. This way, everyone has a buddy!

This is my favorite photo from last week (when Jackson wore his camouflage toboggan cap all day everyday). We’ve finally reached the point where Jeremy can read Jackson a simple book.

The Snow is Fitting

For several reasons, the light snow that fell overnight and blanketed Amarillo today was most fitting. Today marks the beginning of winter break for the boys and it was my last day of employment at the Globe-News. Also, Chuck was delayed here for a second day in row. That means the snow has ushered in our Christmas spirit, brought joy to me on a sad day, and allowed the boys extra time to wrestle with their dad. On a day when I could crawl into bed and cry, it is wonderful to have reasons to be awake and thankful.

It wasn’t much snow, but it was just enough. I snapped this on my way to the newsroom to say goodbye to Danh:

Michele and I had a quick lunch before I left to pick up the boys early from school. Saying goodbye to her was brief because that’s how it needed to be. I’m still going to see her and the other friends I’ve made here, but it’s going to be hard not to work with them everyday, see them everyday, laugh with them and share in the stress of working in the publishing world. I already miss it.

Fortunately, as I type this, my inbox is filling up with new messages from Jim (the book’s author), which means there is much more freelance work to be done. And when I think of the extra time I will have with the boys, I’m doubly reminded that there are still good things to come.