North vs. South

Last Thanksgiving, when we all met in West Virginia and I drove 21 hours (each way) on my own with boys, we started what seems to be a holiday football tradition: the North versus South Game. As I recall, the 2010 game resulted in a tie as to spare little boy feelings. The 2011 game, however, was for real.

The North won, which I suppose is the result of choosing jinxed jerseys.

Making a plan…

… for those pesky Bears.

Rematch: Thanksgiving 2012.


I was all excited to make my Tennessee Vols pumpkin in early October.

And then it rained.

Cruel omen, no?

Anyway, let’s move on to Advent, shall we? I don’t have an official wreath but I’ve printed off a number of coloring pages and art projects to teach the boys about the season of Advent. December begins on Thursday, so we’ll have a lesson each day (even on weekends, which feels so wrong) leading up to December 25. We started talking about it this morning and Jackson’s eyes sort of glazed over, but for a five year old, he hung in there.

We also started decorating the house for Christmas yesterday and I found that I preferred some of the DIY holiday decorations I made last year while we were still in Amarillo and our things were in storage. I’m making the entire house as lovely as possible in anticipation of my family’s visit. This will be the first time they come to east Tennessee since we moved here in March, so I’m not leaving a single room untouched.