Jackson Thomas Miller

So here’s where we stand: Both birth parents have signed away their rights and have until Friday, June 23rd, to change their minds. Everyone (literally) has said they believe it’s a done deal, but I’ll feel much better after midnight next Friday. Our home study is being updated as we speak, and once it is, we’ll be able to come home to Georgia. Because Jackson was born in Tennessee, we have to stay in state until the interstate adoption agency signs/approves everything. Currently, we are staying at our church’s mission house, located directly behind the church. WHAT A BLESSING!!!!

Jackson was morning at 1:06 a.m. on June 11th, weighing 7 lbs. 3 oz. and 20 inches long. He’s a gorgeous, healthy baby and a joy to have… Jeremy is learning to love him, and we’re giving him lots of mercy and grace right now! Most siblings have 9 months to get used to the idea of a baby invading their space. Jeremy had about 30 minutes. He’s gentle with him, kisses him sweetly on the head, and goes on with business.

Now onto the good stuff:

Last picture as a family of three…

The first time I got to *touch* him…

Soaking it all in…

Father and TWO sons…

Introducing the boys…

Taken last night, around 2 a.m., at five days old…

Naturally, we are already in love with Jackson. Everyone is, of course. We still realize things are not final and there is a slight chance we could lose him… But we are praying FERVENTLY that this adoption is a done deal. God has been very present in all of this, and once we are able to come home, I’ll type it all out. This is a testimony you won’t want to miss!

Keep praying on our behalf – that social workers and lawyers keep moving paperwork along, that the birth parents don’t change their minds, and that we can adjust as a quickie family of four.

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  1. He’s just as beautiful in pictures as he is in person. I just know that everything will work out like it should. Like you said, God has had too much of a presence in this for it to go any other way, and he’s got to be getting bombarded with prayers on your behalf.  Love you all (all four of you!)!

  2. Jennie, we are continuing to pray, as are my friends….Everyone is very excited!  We can’t wait to meet Jackson.  Aunt Becky has his quilt in the works.  ; ) 
    We just need to get to next Friday!  I’m still hoping I can work out coming to visit next week. 
    Give him big kisses from his Aunt Becky and Uncle Jeff (and cousins Jacob and Owen!)  Much love to my #1 nephew as well, Jeremy!!

  3. I am in tears just looking at him… We are continuing to pray here as well… I have all our friends and family on the bandwagon. I agree with Susan, God’s hand has been involved in this too strongly for it to go any other way. Hope Hank is ready for another one!!! 🙂 much love.

  4. I am so glad I have been able to experence this with you. It has really meant alot to me. I love you guys so much!! I just can’t belive it. I can’t belive he is really here. Thank you for letting me share.

  5. I just talked to Christy and she told me all about Jackson.  He is a blessing from God and I’m overjoyed for you.  He is a beautiful liitle boy and I will pray that all goes well and they you are all home soon as a new family of four.

  6. WOW!  I remember you mentioned getting ready/wanting to adopt again, I didn’t realize you were already that far along in the process?  Or was this a surprise for you guys too? LOL
    Is it too early to say congrats?!  

  7. I can’t tell you how excited I am for your new son! Jennie it was so great talking to you last night! I am still on a high!!!!!!!!! Yesterday was a hard day for me and to come home to your joyous news was such a THRILL!!! We are so blessed to be able to be apart of God’s  plan for building your family. I had a wonderful talk with Basil last night about infertility and adoption. Jennie your precious family and your personal miracles have been a blessing to our family. In a world full of bad news it sure is refreshing to be able to read about your lives and God’s hand in your lives! GLORY BE TO GOD for your precious new son Jackson Thomas! May he be always blessed and a blessing to you!  Praying everything goes well in the next couple of days. Hugs to your darling Jeremy! THE BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I can’t even speak through all my happy tears of joy for you….GOD IS JUST SOOOO GOOD!!!! Congrats on becoming a Mom AGAIN!!! Jackson is adorable!!! You look so radiant… oh goodness…I’m just in awe… you know why.

  9. ***I can’t hardly find the words!!!!!***
    …yet you all express so many of my thoughts, prayers, emotions, and utter ______ (fill in the blank) about all this.  THANK YOU from the very depths of our hearts.  
    THANK YOU, Abba Father, for your priceless gifts that overflow through these dear family & friends. 
    {{{{{{{THANK YOU ONE AND ALL}}}}}}}

  10. Oh my gosh!! as this a suprise. How exciting. I am sooooooo happy for yuo and he is absolutely beautiful. congratulations. I will be in prayer for you guys that evrything moves forward smoothly!!! AAAAAAAhhhhhh!!! Congratulations a thoushand times. Praise God!!

  11. Aunt Tami and cosin Hayli ( who will never let him forget she named him Jackson ) are still in amazement of how the stork brought him to you and Chuck .. just like a angel out of the sky… he is beautiful and Jeremy is going to be the best big brother ever.. Love you both, give him a kss from me..

  12. I am crying!!! He is so beautiful! You are so beautiful holding him for the first time! Our Lord Jesus Christ is so beautiful! Your own specially engineered, oh so unmistakeable miracle! Jeremy is so cute looking at him! Chuck’s the man with his boys! Beautiful is such a weak, thin, dilute word.

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