Continuing the Texan Transition

I finally went to the DMV yesterday to get my license. It was the usual process of paperwork and proving your identity. However, at the end of it, the lady at the desk presented me with a certificate (which serves as my temporary license) and said, “Congratulations! You’re a Texan now!”

“Um, thank you,” I replied, giving her a curious stare. She was genuinely excited for me.

In related news, check out the back of the registration sticker in the windshield:

Check the date, love your state

We drove up to Lake Meredith last weekend just so we could see water.

Lake Meredith

It was pretty, on some level, but it wasn’t the Tennessee River. We tried not to compare it to the lakes back home, but it was impossible. Lake Meredith is advertised as a summer time water sport haven, but apparently there’s a big undertow there, which makes me a little nervous.

We did see a hill, however.

a  hill

And lots of cows.

what are you looking at

Our backyard it perfect for afternoon playtime. With the tall fence blocking the wind (and strangers), the boys are able to play uninterrupted for hours. The key is bringing them in when the sprinklers turn on!

playing in the back yard

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  1. You need to head south toward Austin.   There are hills there.  They aren’t huge, but pretty.  The part of TX you are in is dry and dusty compared to TN.  I would say TN is prettier.  It is also pretty if you head toward Raton, NM.   I went through there on my way to my aunt’s house outside of Vail, CO. 

  2. Texans may think they’re so independent and rugged frontiersmen, blah, blah, blah. They forgot that they come from us Tennesseans. And who fought at the Alamo? Huh? So they should be honored that their very own has come to live with them. They should be saying to you, “Oh, welcome, Jennie of our Motherland, the great state of Tennessee. Oh, Jennie, without your great state we would still be in Mexico.”

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