“Mom! It doesn’t smell like cow poop today!”

Now that’s what I like to hear first thing in the morning.

In other good news, I ran five miles yesterday at the gym, which may not be all that significant to you, but considering I have not run since the Naperville Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, I’m pretty darn proud. I’m considering my next race options, vacillating between the half and the full, and wondering how I’ll train in 40 mph winds. I finally got new running shoes, ditching the old ones I’ve had for a year (running a half AND a full marathon in them, along with regular working out…).

Jeremy has adjusted nicely to his new PreK class. His teacher calls him a “sweet boy” and says he’s doing beautifully with the curriculum. Based on the work he’s brought home this week, I’d say that’s right.

Both Chuck and Jake were out of town a bit this week, which meant I had control of the remote. It’s hard being outnumbered! Basically, I’m reading at night while they watch Top Gear or the Military Channel. I don’t really mind, especially since my favorite Gordon Ramsay show is back on EVERYDAY on BBC America. I have quite a stockpile on the DVR, which means I can watch them in secret.

We don’t have much planned for the long weekend. Jake headed home this morning to see his family, so it’s just the four of us for three whole days. The weather is supposed to be fabulous, so I imagine we’ll be outside at some point. Maybe we’ll go looking for more water. I heard there was some south of here.

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  1. Don’t you get extra points on the clock for running INTO such strong winds during races?? Seems reasonable to me! Oh yeah, looking at your weather forecast for the next 10 days… I’m thinking you guys are really enjoying splendid temps., esp. compared to the **Deep Freeze** we’re in right now!GREAT NEWS about Jeremy’s experience in his new class! Can’t wait to hear & see more!

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