“What’s that smell!?!”

Jeremy happened to be downwind when I opened the patio door this morning to let Hank out. The smell of money is strong today.

This is our last vacation day; Jeremy starts school tomorrow. We don’t have anything out of the ordinary planned, other than a possible trip to a park. Jeremy has been asking about school since Christmas and when I told him this morning that he’ll be going tomorrow he cheered and hollered at the breakfast table. He’s eager to meet new friends and return to doing “important work.” The reality is that he may repeat kindergarten next year. By Texas law, he would not have started kindergarten this year anyway, missing the birthday cutoff by 8 days. Also, he has struggled to retain some of the things he learned, so repeating the year may prove beneficial. Plus, he’s going from a traditional education to a classical one, so we have no idea how well he’ll transition into the new curriculum. We’re not going to make the call until the end of school year, so anything could happen between now and then.

The biggest change this week was the addition of a roommate. Jake, another agent still in transition, moved into the guest room/office on Saturday. His pregnant wife and two children are still in California and will not move to Amarillo until after the baby arrives and they’ve purchased a home here, so we offered Jake a place to stay in the meantime. Being a family man, he’s not scared off by the screeches and screams of small children, nor bothered by the Backyardigans singing in the background. He and Chuck should have the same schedule, so when Chuck is out of town, so is Jake. Should that change, I told Jake that he’s on garbage duty when Chuck is gone.

We visited the same church for a second time yesterday but decided afterward to keep looking. The children’s program was a big turn on for me, but the general size of the church is overwhelming. There were other things Chuck and I didn’t like, but overall it just didn’t “feel” right. There are plenty of churches here, so I’m sure we’ll find something we all like eventually.

3 Replies to ““What’s that smell!?!””

  1. There is no shortage in churches here in Tx–anywhere. lol  After coming from whree I grew up, I was astonished at home many churches are everywhere, even in the littlest towns can have multiple ones.3

  2. Starting off the New Year quite in stride — no need to fear a thing or impatiently wonder what will happen next. Sounds like days will be busy once again!

  3. It sounds like you are settling into the new home and routines amazingly well. My congrats to you and Chuck! Moving to a new location and “starting over” with so many things can be such a challenge. I think you guys are doing great!

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