To Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and back.

We enjoyed a mini-vacation in Santa Fe and Albuquerque this weekend and I was left with over 300 pictures to edit. It was blissfully wonderful to see different terrain, one with mountains, curves and foliage. Santa Fe was lovely with its adobe architecture and artisan touch. Had it just been Chuck and me, I would’ve drug him through one gallery after another, so he got lucky (this time). We went to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and walked around the Railyard, as well as took a drive up one of the many mountains to see the snow. We ate local food (Blue Corn Cafe & Cowgirl BBQ) and walked around the Old Town.  Then we drove to Albuquerque Sunday morning to visit the Rio Grande Zoo (absolutely worth the 50 minute drive and cheap entrance fee!).  

I uploaded over 30 photos but only posted a few of my favorites. The rest are in the photo blog, so you can check them out there. Honestly, even though the drive was a drab four hours, it was worth the trip. As long as you have sleeping children and good music on the iPod, it’s doable. (Of course, even if you have screaming children and music you can’t hear, it’s still worth it.)

the brothers in Santa Fe

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  1. WOW! What wonderful pictures from what looks like a great mini-vacation ;>) The fact that Mom is such a great picture taker and that Dad is such a great picker-outer for a “mimi” trip family vacation is great for such wonderful two boys!!

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