You know its bad when the tumbleweeds can’t even tumble.

The wind is so strong today that the tumbleweeds can’t tumble gently down the street. Instead, they’re being blown two feet off the ground in diagonal directions. The winds are up to 43 mph and there’s a brown haze of dust in the bottom half of the sky. I never knew Weather Channel had a little icon for “blowing dust,” but it does. That was the forecast for today. Blowing Dust.

There will be no running 10 miles outside today. If tomorrow’s weather is the same, then I suppose I’ll do it on the treadmill. It may be mindless and boring, but it won’t be dusty and windy.

I mailed out a ton of magazines to people, which was a small fortune if I can be honest. You can easily read the magazine online, though seeing the glossy version is much nicer. You pay to subscribe, of course, and save me from paying your postage (wink, wink). Just let me know.

We’re enjoying a lazy weekend. I’ll be making comfort food all weekend, watching Netflix and reading American Wife and industry magazines in between.

Blizzard one weekend, dust storm the next. Crazy.

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  1. We should have talked about “Amazing Grace” w/Dad tonight… isn’t it a terrific story! I remember several Christian teachers/preachers including Wilberforce in their radio lessons, like Charles Colson, Joe Stoelle (Moody Bible Institute), Ravi Zacharias & others. I didn’t know enough about him until we saw this movie. Truly incredibly awesome!

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