Exactly where IS my cape?

I do feel like Supermom sometimes, so when Corey posed the question under this morning’s Facebook status update, I sat back thinking, “YES, where exactly IS my cape? And does it come in pink?” Even though Jeremy promptly pointed out to me on the phone two days ago – Mom, isn’t it easier with only one child? – I resolve that it’s still hard. It’s still tiresome. And yes, I want my cape.

Case in point: Jackson and I attempted a shopping trip to Kohl’s yesterday after work but my little man wasn’t having any of it. Void of his three guys (Brobee, Plex and Muno, who are not welcome at school) and mostly likely hungry for dinner, he refused to sit nicely in the shopping cart, so we left after a total of eight minutes. Nothing could coax him into quiet submission, so instead of being THAT MOM who won’t take her SCREAMING CHILD out of the store, we left. Wouldn’t you know that he quieted up as soon as we got in the car? Yes, that meant he won. Looks like I’ll be taking a lunch today.

The July proof will be done today which means we put it to bed tomorrow and breathe a sigh of relief on Friday. Even though I’m already scheduling August cover interviews, I will be relaxed enough to enjoy my mini-vacay with the T family in Kansas City this weekend. Jeremy is already soaking up time with his cousins in Chicago right now, but come Sunday afternoon, it’ll be my turn!

It’s about time to go, but let me just close by saying this: Having a race training schedule posted on my cabinet is not enough of a strategy to combat the amount of salad dressing I’ve eaten, albeit with carrot sticks, in the past three days. It looks like I’m actually gonna have to follow it.

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