Jackson Speaks

For a while it seemed like I’d never be able to say that, type that, or believe that, but I’m here to tell you that this child has found his voice. You would never know that Jackson spent his entire second year on earth in a state of perpetual screaming.

Today, he spent a considerable amount of time saying, “OH MY GOSH!” to everything. OH MY GOSH, a car! OH MY GOSH, a bird! OH MY GOSH, I peed!

He tells me he loves me without prompting and asks where HIS people are all the time (Where’s my Jeremy? Where’s my Hank? Where’s my Uniqua?) He also tells me when he doesn’t like something, when he DOES like something, going as far as to tell me, “Good dinner, Mom.” He says Good Morning and Good Night and all of those cordial things, but also says Please and Thank You and Your Welcome with very little reminding. Just a little while ago he noticed a scab on his leg and said, “OH MY GOSH! What’s WRONG with me?” I told him he had a boo-boo and he looked at me as if he’d been robbed of perfect health. “A BOO-BOO? OH MY GOSH!”


He’s a happy boy and full of words. For the first time EVER in his life, I asked told him to stop talking the other day in the car because he WOULD NOT TAKE A BREATH. I caught myself the instant those words came out of my mouth and felt guilty for asking such a thing. Like I said, there was a time not very long ago when all I wanted to hear were the simple things a toddler says and not the screaming Jack used to communicate. Holy mother of pearl. The screaming was unbearable.

So after I told him to be quiet, he sweetly asked, “Why, Mommy? Why?”

“Oh, nevermind, Jack,” I replied. “What do you want to talk about?”

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  1. By any chance {{{A-HEM!!}}}. . .is this where the expression “Be careful what you say b/c you might have to eat them” comes from??Well now, dear Little J…may we all just smother you with hugs, kisses,and LOTS MORE hugs & kisses in celebration!

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