Jennie’s Precious Medals

A few years ago when I began running half marathons (and eventually a full marathon in 2008),  I started thinking of a way to display my medals. I was never the girl who collected trophies for athleticism in middle or high school, so race medals quickly resonated with me. Upon crossing the finish line, they were immediately precious and valuable.

If you know me, then perhaps you’ve heard me mention an up-in-the-air idea of having a shadow box or something like that to display them. It was never a project I got around to, and today my eight medals hang via thumb tack on the wall next to the treadmill.

Soon, they will have a home. Today, Chuck presented me with this:

He commissioned an artist in Chattanooga to create this colorful board representing the cities or states in which I’ve ran – Louisville, Chicago, Albuquerque, Dallas, Oklahoma City, and two cities in Tennessee, Nashville and, of course, Chattanooga. This week is our 10th anniversary and while this board has nothing necessarily to do with our marriage or family, like the medals, it’s become immediately of value to me.

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