A Whopping Three Miles

That was how long I ran today. A wee little run. And it was hard.

Granted, I haven’t run in nearly three weeks but that’s only because I had to pack up one house, sell it, drive across the country and unpack another house. (It’s a little tiresome.) The disappointment I feel about the whopping three miles is mainly because I’m scheduled to run a half marathon in four weeks, so the fact that three miles was hard doesn’t bode well for a girl who needs to run 13 miles in a month. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for supernatural muscle memory.

As for the house, we’re unpacked and settled, which means I resume work on the book immediately. There’s much editing and photo color correcting to do (also within a month). Fortunately, I built all of the 450+ pages while still in Amarillo and now we’re down to the details. If you work in or are familiar with publishing, then you know editing can be an excruciating process. When you read something five or six times, it’s easy to assume every sentence is properly structured and punctuated. That’s just not always the case.

Before I go, let me just say how I love the talk radio station I discovered here. (I’ve got Neal Boortz all morning and Dave Ramsey all afternoon. Yay!)  Now I’ve said before that I’m not going to get political here (remember?) and I’m not going back on that. But with the presidential election year just around the corner, it’s hard not to get all fired up. Here is a fantastic  flow chart (if you’re into that kind of thing) titled Left vs. Right by David McCandless and Stefanie Posavec. It’s busy and detailed, and it’s obviously not without exceptions, but I recommend clicking on the image for a much larger version. Fascinating!

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