Good Morning from Maryville

What day is it? I have no idea, but check out this view from the back porch.


Behind that line of trees is another property, and behind that property is another line of trees, and behind those trees are the Great Smoky Mountains. You can see the ridge line of the front range, which makes me giddy with anticipation for fall foliage.

Moving across the country was just as you’d expect it to be: exhausting. Driving 1,120 miles in two days with two kids and a pouting cat will make you tired. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, I’m overwhelmingly thankful for a number of things: 1) gas prices didn’t spike, 2) the boys didn’t lose their minds, 3) Salem didn’t poop in the car, and obviously, 4) we arrived safely. We also had great help from family members unloading the truck.

Unpacking began the night we arrived because I can’t control myself. I need order NOW, and I also need a map of this area because even though I’ve spend 14 years of weekends here for family reunions and Christmas parties, I rarely paid attention to my where-abouts. I can get myself to the main road, but beyond that, it’s all guess work and looking for what is familiar.

Jeremy started school this morning and he admitted to me first thing that he was nervous. No doubt. I empathized and told him about moving to Germany in the middle of my third grade year. I explained that it was hard walking into a classroom full of kids who already knew each other, but being friendly helps you make friends. He seemed to like the fact that I knew how he felt, and I was sure to not give him a huge hug and kiss when I left him in the classroom. I gave him a Cool Mom Half Hug with no sentiments. (We save the mushy stuff for home.)

As for Jack, who just told me his name is now Kevin, he’ll join me in unpacking the living room and organizing the play area. In a little while we’ll run errands and enjoy the view along the way.

Salem, by the way, is doing just fine.

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