Births and Deaths

It’s been a most radically emotional week. On one single day, we heard about three sudden deaths – one of them being Michele’s father, whose service is this morning in Amarillo. (Michele is the editor of Amarillo Magazine, my former boss and very dear friend.)  For the first time since we moved, I wish I could be in Amarillo if only to be there with her, to pay my respects in person and give her a huge hug.

This is my favorite photo of us from last year. I miss her:

The other two passings were of people outside our immediate circle of influence, but if you follow the six degree theory, they’re only a step away.

Adversely, there has been a handful of wonderful arrivals – one of them being Lesli and Jimmy’s sweet baby boy. (I totally called it wrong, but who cares! He’s adorable! I wanna hold him!) Henry James was born yesterday just after midnight, albeit six weeks early, and he is doing beautifully. I don’t think my cell phone was more than an arm’s reach away all day for fear of missing a text or picture message. It looks like I won’t get to see him in person until July, but that will give he and his parents plenty of time to get acquainted.

Sweet little Henry:

The other births include a few of my former high school classmates who’ve been uploading such adorable photos of their new bundles (all girls!) on Facebook. All of these babies make me want a baby for about five minutes.

With weeks like this, it’s a wonder we’re not all completely nuts. I suppose when you ride an emotional roller coaster like this you can’t have the highest peaks without the deepest valleys.

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