Month: August 2011

Scientific Art

I totally snagged this idea from Pinterest, but it is a perfect fit into our Solid, Liquid and Gas unit study while being an art project at the same time. Double duty! We began by putting a container of old crayons in rainbow order. (The boys each picked out a new box of crayons for school so these have been… Read more →

I call No Fair

On August 7, I was casually perusing Twitter when I noticed a tweet from a gluten-free blogger whom I follow (glutenfreegirl). She mentioned a woman named Jennie and something about sending her support and love. Naturally, I was curious about the woman based on her name but I also wondered what spurred the tweet. I clicked on the link to the… Read more →

The Best Shade of Orange

It’s that time of year – almost. We’re a week and a half away from the start of Tennessee football, so it was time to show our support. I’ve waited all year to spend autumn in east Tennessee – for the foliage, for the festivals and for football. We’re working on scoring tickets without having to sell one of the… Read more →

Two Things

1. To say that Jeremy is excited about starting Cub Scouts would be too casual. He’s really, really, REALLY excited. So much that he wore this outfit every single day last week (hat and all): 2. Art projects are going to be a huge challenge for me because I really, really, REALLY don’t like making messes in my house. We… Read more →


I kept the boys separated again this morning and some in the afternoon. Upon announcing they could play together, they quickly put on some old Halloween costumes and ran into the woods to play Star Wars. Mission accomplished, I’d say. Let’s see how long this lasts, shall we? Read more →

“Today, you don’t have a brother.”

That’s what I told them, and it could be a huge parenting mistake that I’ll regret later, but I’m tired of the bickering. This morning they were at each other’s throats – Jackson pestering the tar out of Jeremy and Jeremy angrily annoyed by his little brother’s antics. It’s entirely mutual, and we’ve tried a number of things, from conversations… Read more →

Pancake Failure

The boys were excited when I announced we were having Star Wars pancakes for breakfast instead of the usual boring bowl of cereal. Praise and enthusiasm filled the kitchen! What fun! What spontaneity! Mom, you’re so cool! Thanks for making us Star Wars pancakes! They’re going to be so good! Yeah, they would’ve been good – had I not forgotten the… Read more →

The Last Week of Summer

After registering the boys with an umbrella school, I whipped out my calendar and began marking down the days we’ll do school and the days we won’t. It’s a loose schedule, no doubt, but it’s a start and I’m going to do my darnedest to stick to some sort of a routine. The flexibility of homeschooling is partially what attracted… Read more →


In the past 12 days, we’ve been to eight states (or is it nine?), visited a dozen historical museums and monuments (from the Museum of American History in Washington DC to Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts), and spent time with the family and friends we have scattered across the east coast. I have 438 pictures on my camera to prove all… Read more →

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