Ghosts That We Knew

I’ve been combing You Tube for new Mumford & Sons songs while we all wait for their next album to be completed. Fortunately there are a handful of good uploads from concerts and radio stations. I don’t recall listening to the same music this consistently ever. I mean ever – not even when I was a pre-teen and my bedroom walls were covered with Jon Bon Jovi and White Lion posters.

This song is currently in heavy rotation on my iPod. (Special thanks to hubby for figuring out how to convert video files to audio files.)

PS – Did you see our Salt Dough creation yesterday? We’ll start on the entire US this week. I know you’re just so excited about that!

PPS – After finishing A Dangerous Fortune, which was almost as wonderful as Pillars of the Earth, I caved into peer pressure and started reading The Hunger Games. Twilight didn’t nearly live up to all the hype for me, so I’m entering this trilogy with skepticism!

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