Je comprends un peu.

(I understand a little.)

My French is weak, despite three years of lessons in high school (including one Honors class where only French was spoken once we crossed the threshold of the classroom door. One little slip of Anglais and we’d hear “Français, s’il vous plaît!”). And even though I have a small smattering of leftover Spanish from middle school in the corner of my brain, and four years of overhearing German while living overseas, I think French is the language I’m most qualified to teach.

So I’m going to attempt it with the boys. Before you warn me, I’ve already warned myself. Take it slow. Go with simple things, conversational things, objects, colors and numbers. I’m curious to see how this works with an almost-six and almost-nine year old. Will they retain anything? Will they be able to read anything? I have no clue! But I’m surely going to try. In fact, French will be our summer project alongside leçons de baignade (swim lessons).

To aid my efforts, I’m considering the Little Pim curriculum. I’ve heard only great things about Rosetta Stone, but I wonder if Little Pim would be better suited for my boys and their ages. What’s your experience with learning a language? If you’re homeschooling your kiddos, would you mind sharing your experience with me?


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