Jeremy and Ethan

Shame on me for not mentioning Karin, Ethan and Sidney’s visit last weekend!

They showed up Saturday afternoon and the kids got right to tearing up the house playing together while Karin and I ignored the mess caught up. I love how it feels like no time has been lost since the last time we got together. This is when your friends feel more like family.

I took a ton of pictures, but I won’t tire you. Instead, I’ll do what I tease the boys about and post a photo of them in their diapers. HA! One day, I will show the photo of them in the bathtub together… I’m thinking first girlfriend, prom night, wedding reception, etc.

This photo was taken in March 2005 when the boys were 19 months old. I have photos of them in a crib together at about three weeks old, but I’ll need to dig those out of Jeremy’s baby box. (They were taken before I had a digital camera. Ah, the days of photo development…)

And here they are now, all snaggletooth and able to pick out their own clothes.

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