Field Trip to the Little River

Yesterday morning was so beautiful that I made the executive decision to scrap sit-down book work and make a mad dash for the mountains. It didn’t take much to convince the boys. It meant shifting school to the afternoon, but it’s this kind of freedom that I love about homeschooling.

The following is a major photo dump of our morning in the Great Smoky Mountains. All but one are behind the cut. Enjoy, and Happy Weekend to you.

They splashed right onto a little sandbar. Yay for galoshes.

The Little River is so clear right now.

This is a catalogue photo, if you ask me.

Someone misses the beach:

Have you ever seen Jack this serious? I haven’t.

Despite all the rain we’ve had, the river seemed low. So Jeremy sat down and built a dam.

Seriously, Mom. Stop it with the pictures.

So what was the point of galoshes when you wade in too deep?

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