Fill your Dog Tank

I don’t know this dog’s name, but he lives across the street and makes regular rounds of salutations to neighbors. He’s super friendly, and when we’re outside I encourage the boys to pet and love on him in hopes of filling their empty Dog Tank. It works well.

The only one who disapproves is you-know-who.

The weather is absolutely lovely this morning, but it looks like rain is coming, so we’re off to the mountains for a quick romp around the river rocks beforehand. Grab your galoshes, boys!

3 Replies to “Fill your Dog Tank”

    1. We haven’t pulled the switch because I don’t want to train a puppy right now. I’d love an automatically obedient, neutered, house-trained dog who gets along famously with the cat, but that’s now how it works! Until I’m ready to put forth the effort, I’m refraining!

      Yes, Salem would claw me in my sleep as payback.

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