Ethan’s Turn

Tuesday night was our last evening with Alex, so they boys played to exhaustion. Chuck even took all three of them on in a wrestling match. (They never stood a chance.)

We met Corey and her mom for lunch in Chattanooga on Wednesday afternoon and then said our goodbyes. Thanks for coming, Alex!

On our way back we swung by Ethan’s house and brought him home with us. Within minutes they were savoring the hot sun and playing with the water hose.

I just adore this child. His happiness is contagious.

This morning we went straight to the park since the weather was nice so the boys could ride bikes. Jackson doesn’t ride a bike yet, but that didn’t keep him from running alongside the big boys.

Of course, they had to play in the creek and get muddy. Oh well! As you can see, Karin, your sweet boy is doing just fine.

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