Jackson loses his first tooth (again)

When Jackson’s front teeth started coming in, I could tell the top left front tooth wasn’t altogether healthy. It was slightly discolored, more gray than white.

My instinct about the unhealthy tooth was confirmed on Jackson’s first birthday when a crawling tumble coincided with the kitchen floor and his tooth was cracked.  After an emergency visit to the pediatric dental surgeon, my one year old came home with a silver tooth. So gangsta. The silver tooth didn’t last though. It fell out a month later. Jackson swallowed it and the silver tooth re-emerged in a dirty diaper three days later. (I’m not ashamed to tell you that I washed it off and put it in his baby book.) Jackson has been a little snaggletooth since 2007.

Anyway, over the weekend Jackson lost his first tooth legitimately. It’s been loose for a few weeks but by Friday it was REALLY loose. By Sunday afternoon, it was hanging on by a fleshy thread. Chuck gave it a little yank and out it came.

I didn’t cry (like I did on his fifth birthday), but I am genuinely sad about this milestone. How funny this all is. With Jeremy it was all excitement and anticipation. With Jackson it’s all sadness and dread. I am hanging on to every ounce of his littleness for as long as I can.

When the bleeding stopped, Jeremy started the Tooth Fairy conversation. Dollar signs popped up in Jackson’s eyes about five seconds later.

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