Orange and White

What a busy and wonderful weekend it was! There is much to share, but today I’ll start with Fan Appreciation Day at the University of Tennessee. It was a sea of orange and white as folks came in droves to meet the players and coaches inside Neyland Stadium on Saturday. We didn’t tell the boys where we were going (even though we were all decked out in jerseys and such), and it was perfect because just outside the campus Jeremy says, “I can’t wait until I get to go inside Neyland Stadium. It would be fun to go at least once.” Chuck and I exchanged a peripheral glance to one another in awe of our parental awesomeness.

Once we told them what we were doing, they were thrilled. What a line!

Feeling the field at the 50 yard line… Who knew it would be so soft?

Coach Dooley! I wonder how much advice (or how many threats?) he received from eager fan(atics)…

Checkerboard end zone:

After the meet-and-greet it was time for the annual Orange and White Game, which we didn’t stay for since we had other plans. Next year maybe!

The highlight of Fan Day, for Jackson anyway, was meeting Smokey. It was the first and only thing he talked about when we got inside the stadium. The lines to meet all the players and coaches were so long, so we chose only one in which to stand: the line to take a photo with Smokey. It is so endearing to see that Jackson and Smokey held hands for the picture. (This was after he ran up to the dog and gave him a huge hug.)

I was most disappointed to miss seeing the real Smokey. We looked all around that stadium and didn’t find him. Quarterbacks? Yeah, we saw them. Offensive line? Sure. Them too. But Smokey, the most adorable blue tick hound in Vol Country? Nope. Phooey.

The brief time we spent in Neyland was really so fun. We’re all ready for football season so Fan Day was a great tease.

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