House Plans

We’ve been planning to buy this house for two months now. Would it surprise you to know that I’ve laid out every piece of furniture in my mind? That every wall is painted the perfect color, every kitchen and bathroom tile is laid and my future backyard is a relaxing retreat with a fire pit and outdoor grill? Well it is! In my mind I’ve also won the lottery.

Buying a foreclosure is a first for us, so we are trying to limit the things we want to do to the house so we can afford the things we HAVE to do to make it livable in these first few months (or years). Though it is structurally sound, the perimeter of the house is outlined by ant hills. The driveway is covered by a canopy of overgrown tree limbs. The child who lived in the house prior took time to write her name (or someone’s name) on the walls. Someone kicked in the bathroom door in the hallway. 

But I digress.

We’re still in love with it. Brass fixtures and all. Should you come and stay with us this summer, bring your work gloves. I’ll find something for you to do.

Bonus: At least the front yard landscaping is already done.


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