A quickie vacation

Instead of that two-week cruise to the Bahamas (which occurs in my dreams), we chose to meet up with our extended family in Cincinnati, or more specifically, the Great Wolf Lodge. Everyone had to travel since none of us live in the same city or near the same city or even in the same state. But at least now we’re all on the same side of the country. That’s progress!

Now that the boys are older, we no longer have to hyper-supervise them while swimming. They just all jump in and try to drown each other, which means all the adults can chat casually under the shade of a patio umbrella.

You can see Jeff, Chuck, Becky and Mom in the background, right? We figure if one kid starts to drown another kid will save him, so we just sat back drinking our iced coffees and wondering how much longer until we could move our old bones into the air conditioning.

After a couple of days in a regular hotel, we drove over to the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason to join our grandmother, aunt and uncle, cousins and second cousins. All 17 of us!

Have you ever been to a Great Wolf Lodge? It’s about a million dollars per night but loads of fun!

I would’ve loved to get a photo of everyone together, but instead I settled for a photo of all six boys. Out of the 15 photos I snapped very quickly, this was the best one. Cameron and Jackson (on the bottom step) were over it.


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