Bunch of Monkeys

We finally dropped by the zoo last week after one of Jeremy’s tutoring sessions at the university. We purchased a family membership a few weeks ago but the weather (and our schedule) has not been favorable for going. Since we were already downtown and the skies had not yet opened up with torrential rain, we made a quick visit to see the animals and inquire about homeschool classes.

This monkey was particularly curious about my two little monkeys:

There IS a sheet of glass separating the three, though you can’t quite tell. How fun would be if there wasn’t!

The Knoxville Zoo is a good size for this area, and I’m glad to know we can coordinate its hands-on classes into our curriculum. Jackson hasn’t expressed much interest in attending (he’s more of an indoor air conditioning computer kind of guy), but Jeremy is all kinds of ready. If they let him, he’d ride the elephants and tame the lions. He’d even handle snakes, which means I’d be waiting in the car to keep my distance.



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